The issue : Buddies are hidden treasures in our society as they are capable, experienced and dedicated. Most of them are ready to contribute more through employment, but there is currently a lack of such channel for both employers and Buddies.

Who are the Buddies?

Buddies are broadly referred to those who have over 20 years of working experience and are going through a career transition.

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Personal Branding

- a key to your successful freelance career

5 Online Webinars brings you everything you need!!! 

There is always something you can do even under this economic downturn. No matter you are still considering freelancing as your future career or you are already a freelancer but still looking for breakthrough in your business and career development?  Our Personal Branding (PB) Training Series will help you manage the way you're perceived and create your unique image and identity. You will be able to increase credibility and reach your professional goals by creating an effective personal brand.

Upon completion of the whole training series, you will be able to:- 

  • Identify your unique selling points (USP) and market niche

  • Create a clear and unique value proposition, personal brand statement and slogan

  • Figure out and make irresistible offer to your potential clients

  • Learn essentials of how to market yourself/your brand effectively on social media

  • Create strong loyalty and bonding to keep your audience engaged

  • Increase your visibility on online and offline platforms leading to more business opportunities

Registration is now open! Special discount is also offered!

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畢尼地城于2018年九月開始與City U合作,為 TPG 學生舉辦爲期一年有關職場課程,内容包括求職工作坊,職場分享和職場輔導咨詢等相關課程,並定期邀請不同行業的管理人員與學生分享不離地的工作經驗,好等學生為求職時作出適當準備。

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