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Buddy Town

Human Resources and Freelance Partner


Buddy Town’s Employment Services


Established in 2016, Buddy Town was first started as an employment agency specialized in SMEs and mid-age people.

After years of our solid experience in the employment market, we recognize the rapid change of the job market with the upsurge of the freelance market with more and more people participating.


We started our Freelance Database and now has about 300 registered members.  In addition, we are also well-known as the “hub” for those experienced people who would like to pursue their second careers in different professions.

Job Matching Services

We offer job matching services for both permanent full-time jobs and other flexible work assignments as listed in the below table:-

  Permanent / Contract                                                         Freelance / Part-time

  • Executive                                                                         *   Digital Marketing

  • Professional & Technical                                               *   Writing, Editing and Proofreading

  • General                                                                            *   Translation

  • Sales                                                                                *   Design - Various

  • Customer services including Hotlines, reception       *   Computer & Information Technology

  • Human resources                                                           *  Administrative.

  • Accounting                                                                      *  Accounting & Finance

                                                                                                 *   Other operational needs

Job matching 2.PNG

Our Freelance Platform Supports Your Outsourcing Needs

Now is the opportunity (or a need) for most companies to reinvent their operations and become more remote and flexible.  There are many benefits of outsourcing your business processes or using freelancing:-

1.            There’s a significant cost saving of engaging outsourcing compared to hiring full-time staff under “permanent” contract (the saved costs will be included the benefits and any costs incurred under employment ordinance, the rental and facilities etc.)  


2.            Outsourcing also means easier access to the expertise a company needed, as a result, better quality and higher efficiency are expected;


3.            Outsourcing provides the highest flexibility to a company to tackle with ups and downs with the minimum fixed cost.  This flexibility also implies easier change of vendors for better qualities or lower costs within short period of time.

Some important facts of our freelance database

  • Our 300 registered freelancers are highly qualified

  • Over 95% with post-secondary education (85% with degree or above)

  • Over 55% with more than 6 years & above experience

  • A good balance of gender and generation



Technical/General Skills

  • Graphic and Multi-Media Design - 15-20%

  • On-Line Research Skills - 46%

  • Translation (Eng/Chi) & 3rd Languages – 10-23%

  • Uses of MS Office – 45%

  • Technical Writing, Proofreading, Editing –

  • Documentation and Filing –

  • Technical Skills

  • Secretarial &  Admin. Skills - 30%

  • Graphic and Multi-Media Design - 15-20%

  • Selling Skills – 23%

  • Translation (Eng/Chi) & 3rd Languages – 10-23%

  • Technical Writing, Proofreading, Editing – 12-28%

Call for action.PNG

Compared to any other outsource partners, Buddy Town offers more competitive services in our:-

1)            Price: On average we charge 30% LESS than the outsource companies you can find locally and the price ranges of our freelancers are wide enough fitting different budgets and standards you have;

2)            Expertise:  Our consultants are able to diagnose your needs and recommend suitable manpower options; 

3)            Flexibility:  Our candidates are flexible, they can either work like your employees or contractors as per your need.

For the first time user, we are delighted to offer you up to 30% extra discount* and with certain guarantee period. 


We are also happy to offer you FREE Consultation to examine the possible areas of streamlining and outsourcing with no obligation of using our service.


Please make your enquiry with us!!!

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