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What do we do?

Individual services

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Becoming our Buddy

BuddyTown always welcomes you to join us!! Let's become one of our Buddies!


Career Support

As trainers, it is our goal to fit naturally into the work environment. We attempt to identify and use natural (already existing) supports to help the employee become comfortable, competent, and productive in their new job. The business culture is always respected and integrated into our service delivery plan.


Career Coaching

To help you to reach clarity within a step by step process, BuddyTown Coaches ensure each session benefits you as a stand alone session and also as a part of a series of sessions to reach your coaching objectives. Your time is focused and structured so that your time is truly maximised.


Career Facilitation

We provide career facilitation to the people in need, the services will include self assessment, formulate career-direction and plan, job market information and job hunting skill etc. Participants will yield valuable insights and understanding for career and life planning, while BuddyTown will gain value-added exposure in career development facilitation under supervisory support.

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Becoming our Volunteer

We have so much volunteer activities and waiting  any partners who are willing to contribute to everyone!

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