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New Programme

Employability Enhancement Workshop Series

Are you worrying about your future career in this highly competitive environment? Do you feel puzzled of what should you do to be survived and make constructive growth?

With the very successful accomplishment of training programme of Project A and STEP 2 in April and September 2017, Buddy Town has acquired excellent expertise on how to transform experienced people in making constructive changes to achieve career progression.


These two series of new training programme have put different focuses on the needs of the people who have immediate and longer term needs for upgrading themselves.  All the workshops are led by experienced trainers and human resources professionals who are the experts in the areas. 


There are certain relationships between these two series of training programme, yet you can still choose to enroll either one or as a bundle together.

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To learn about the full programme details, please click the pdf file.

Buddy Town Employability Enhancement Workshop details:

Assessing Yourself and Job Market 
Facilitators : Steve Man , Vilian Chiu

Sept 6,

7:15 - 9:45 pm

This session will help you rethink yourself, your works and your career options, with a hint on the skill sets in support of your pursuit of various career options by looking at your target job market information.  By using proven assessment tool, the workshop will help you finding your direction and career options. Topics include the concept of career change, exploring career opportunities, setting mid-career goals, formulating mid-career plans and strategies, implementing and evaluating mid-career plans and strategies.

360 Degree Job Search Methods
Facilitators : Steve Man , Virginia Wan

Sept 13,

7:15 - 9:45 pm

This workshop introduces the concept of job search and equips participants with the knowledge and skills needed to use different employment search methods and networking strategies in addition to helping participants to become savvy job seekers. It included the methods ride on using social media such as Linkedin and personal networking.  Participants will be helped to utilize their basic computer and internet navigation skills to create a powerful on-line presence, build professional connections/networks and search for, and utilize, career related information for career success purposes.

Writing Winning Resume and Cover Letter Facilitators : Steve Man , Vilian Chiu

Sept 20,

7:15 - 9:45 pm

Successful job search requires, among other things, development of a good resume and well written cover letter. This workshop will help participants to market themselves effectively through understanding, appreciating and applying principles and components of an effective resume and cover letter. Participant will experience how to improve components of their current resumes and how to write effective cover letters.

Job Interview Techniques Workshop 
Facilitators : Steve Man , Vilian Chiu

Sept 27,

7:15 - 9:45 pm

The employment interview techniques workshop aims at helping participants to understand and adopt a specific set of effective interview techniques. To that end, participants will be able to develop the competence and confidence needed to professionally promote themselves and get positive interview results. Topics include meaning and importance of employment interview, interview process and techniques, preparation and employer research, question styles, intent of questions, business etiquette, selling approach, appropriate responses and follow-up on interview results. 

Panel of HR Experts


Steve Man

  • Registered Corporate Coach and  Certified Career and Transition Coach

  • Formally as Human Resources Director and Head for sizable public and private organizations and MNCs

  • Act as Visiting Lecturer for educational programmes up to Master degree level and Corporate Trainer

  • Top LinkedIn HR professional in Hong Kong with about 10 thousands 1st connections

  • Buddy Town Founder and Chief Executive


Virginia Wan

  • A 360 degree Talent Management Expert and Career Coach

  • Experienced Executive Recruiter and Corporate Trainer

  • Certified NLP Practitioner and accredited in various sophisticated assessment tools

  • Passionate in helping others’ career development and now become a devoted contributor to Buddy Town


Vilian Chiu

  • Registered Corporate Coach, Global Career Development Facilitator

  • Former Asia Pacific head of HR in different publicly listed multinational corporations

  • Acting as volunteer career coach and HR advisor

  • Buddy Town Coaching Sub-group Coordinator

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